A Year of Smiles – Day 208

Reasons to SMILE #208a – f: See below…

My day has been filled with SMILES:


b) Multiple COMPLIMENTS on my new ‘do 😉

c) Many HUGS (not always my favorite thing – See Day 6)

d) Expressions of GRATITUDE for doing my job well

e) Being CHAUFFEURED from work to lunch and back – – Although, the driver was an 86 year old man who should no longer be driving and I feared for my life and prayed for God’s protection the entire time! We made it safely, though; that’s worth a SMILE!

f) FRESH STRAWBERRY SLUSHEE from Sonic with vanilla ice cream mixed in – Mmm, mmm! It’s yummy. You should try it.

Unfortunately, my day was cut short by a migraine (thus this short post – I can’t think!) Ugh. But I have an ice pack, a comfy bed, silence and, hopefully, a full night of rest and sleep ahead of me. I should be raring to go by morning and ready for another day of SMILES!

Image by Lilluna.com


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