A Year of Smiles – Day 212

Reason to SMILE #212: BLANKETS (Lots and lots of blankets!)

I don’t know about you but I have a difficult time sleeping at night without a fan running in the room. The only problem with that is I tend to get cold. Since I can’t sleep without the noise, I simply pile on the blankets to stay warm. I have plenty – a hand-made quilt, a crocheted sunflower afghan, a soft and fuzzy throw and another sunflower blanket which seems to have run off to hide in my son’s room. (One might think that being adorned with sunflowers would safeguard my blanket from abduction by the male species in my household. One would be wrong. Sigh.)

Fortunately, my husband likes the noise of the fan at night, as well. He also enjoys the drop in temperature. In fact, he would adjust the thermostat to a “if there were moisture in the air, it’d be snowing” temperature, if our budget would allow it! Although he loves the colder temperature, he also likes to sleep under a nice, warm blanket, as well. To suit his taste, the blanket must be a heavier weight, though – which brings me to his favorite blanket right here.


I cannot stand this blanket although I really have no idea why. It has nothing to do with the colors or the design. I simply don’t like it. My disdain for this blanket is so great, I don’t even like for it to touch me or be covering me, at all. I have actually been awakened from a sound sleep when this blanket “accidentally” ended up covering part of my legs. Yeah. It’s strange. I know. I’m pretty sure a psychologist could draw some interesting conclusions from my aversion to this… thing!

As you might suspect, my husband thinks it’s hilarious. He teases me by brushing it across my face at night or intentionally throwing it over me when he pushes the covers aside to get out of bed. I don’t think it’s quite as funny, especially the brushing it on my face thing but that may be for another reason altogether. Have you seen The Mummy (1999) with those beetles that crawl all over a person and consume them? Yeah. Bugs and my husband’s blanket are pretty much tied for spot number one on my list of hated things.

Despite my dislike of his blanket, my husband sleeps nestled under this atrocity every night. I’ve learned to live with it – as long as it stays on his side of the bed! He has his blanket and I have mine. And when the fan is running, we can both sleep with a SMILE!


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