A Year of Smiles – Day 229



Yep. I got the senior discount today.

No. I am not eligible. Thank you very much!

I ordered a veggie plate in the drive thru line of a local restaurant that serves good ol’ country cookin’. After ordering and while I was waiting to reach the pick up window, a server approached my car. They ran out of one of the vegetables I ordered and needed me to give them a replacement veggie. I didn’t remember my options. The server made a suggestion. I agreed to try it.

When I reached the window, the same server who came to my car greeted me with, “Since we didn’t have the vegetable you wanted, I gave you a 10% discount.” I was surprised and grateful. I expressed my thanks as I handed over my payment. Then she handed me my receipt.

“I do appreciate the discount,” I said with a SMILE, “but did you have to call it a senior discount?”

I am grateful for my senior discount today. Any type of discount makes me SMILE but it’ll be quite alright with me if I don’t see those words on MY ticket for a another couple of decades!


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