A Year of Smiles – Day 242

Reason to SMILE #242: BIRTHDAYS

Adobe Spark

My birthday to be exact!! I’ve made it another year. I am alive and kickin’. That’s more than enough reason to SMILE and certainly a reason to celebrate!

Oh, I used to dread these annual reminders of my ever increasing age. With each year that passes, however, I realize how blessed I am to have this time and this life that God has given me. And as my age increases, my list of SMILES continues to grow and grow and grow.

Think your existence doesn’t matter? Think your birthday is just another day? Think again, my friend. Before you were born, God knew you. He laid out a plan for you. You were not a surprise and you certainly were no mistake! You have a reason to celebrate and the best reason to SMILE!

Happy, happy day to you. Find a reason to SMILE and share it with those around you!

And Happy Birthday to me! 🙂


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