A Year of Smiles – Day 259

Reason to SMILE #259: CARE PACKAGES 

This arrived from my older sister today! Inside this box I found:

  • 1 bag Sweet Potato chips
  • 1 bag kettle style Potato chips made with avocado oil
  • Mini vanilla marshmallows 
  • Two dietary supplements that help alleviate anxiety 

The snacks were all gluten free and non GMO verified, have no preservatives, no MSG, no Trans fat, no artificial flavors and low sodium. I’m not sure if they have any taste 😉 but apparently, they are good for me and I need to be eating healthier snacks. She knows me all too well.

The supplements were included because of my confession to her about recent anxiety attacks I’ve had at the grocery store and in normal conversation with people I’ve known for years. My anxiety makes absolutely no sense to me. I suppose that’s the nature of anxiety but my sister understood. She swears by the natural calming aides she included in my care package.

What a SMILE – a package full of items meant to enhance my well-being sent by someone who loves me and is concerned about my health. It’s a care package only a sister would send. That’s what sisters are for, right? 

Hmmm. I suppose it’s my turn to send a care package to my younger sister now. Time to pass on a SMILE!


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