A Year of Smiles – Day 268

Reason to SMILE #268: CAMPING

Due to the necessity of an unexpected renovation in our house this weekend, my family of five is now sharing only one bathroom. This makes for rather hectic mornings and even more difficult nights. You see, the only functioning bathroom just so happens to be the master bathroom. So, of course, everyone is traipsing in and out of my bedroom at all hours of the night. All that traffic does not encourage a peaceful night’s sleep. But my husband came up with a solution…

Camping! No, not real camping outside. That would make my nights even more stressful with all the bugs, snakes and wild animals. (Okay. There are no wild animals in my neighborhood… Not that I know of anyway!) No, we decided to camp out in our living room. With our mattress, blankets, big screen TV and fan, it’s pretty darn comfy. Most importantly, though, we’re not being awakened in the middle of the night by a kid in need of the potty! Now, that, my friends, is a great reason to SMILE.

You know, this camping out in the living room is really not that bad. It reminds me of the times I did the same thing as a kid. It also reminds me that I am definitely no longer a kid. Boy, oh boy! Getting up from this floor sure is a booger! 🙂


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