A Year of Smiles – Day 271

Reason to SMILE #271: FALL

Vibrant colors in the trees, leaves drifting to the ground, crisp air in the mornings, fragrant breezes in the afternoons, sweater temperatures in the evenings – oh, how I love the season of Fall!

<Insert record scratching here.>

I live in southwest Georgia. We have absolutely none of that. Sigh.

Still, Fall is my favorite season of all. There are all sorts of pumpkin, gourd and sunflower decorations to see. There are candy corn and caramel apples to munch. There are also fairs and festivals to attend and holidays to enjoy. So many SMILES in only one season.

One thing about Fall, however, does not make me SMILE. Would you like to know what that is?

Fair warning: I may lose a few readers upon its revelation…

Okay. Here goes…

I do not like this ridiculous inundation of pumpkin spice! The world has gone mad with the stuff. Why, oh, why must everything be flavored with pumpkin spice? I don’t understand. The only thing that should be pumpkin flavored is pie and bread. Everything else should be left alone.

Other than that, Fall is awesome! 😁

God has made such a beautiful world for us to enjoy. I think it’s about time to travel North so I can enjoy all the SMILES of Fall… minus the pumpkin spice, of course. 😉


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