A Year of Smiles – Day 272


Adobe Spark (14)

My husband and I have established a comfortable routine when it comes to our Friday evenings. They are spent relaxing outside with the grill sizzling while we talk with each other, complain about our days and spend time together. It’s a pretty enjoyable evening, as far as I’m concerned, and not such a bad routine – well, except for the complaining! Last night, however, we accepted an invitation to dinner with friends. We haven’t done that in a long while and I am very glad we did.

We enjoyed laughter, good conversation and great company. It was a welcomed distraction to our own little problems in our lives and a much needed break in our routine. You see, it’s easy to fall into the ruts of life and we often miss opportunities for fun, fellowship or even rest simply because we’re following our routines. But a change in the schedule is good sometimes and even the smallest change, like dinner with friends, can make a significant impact.

The break in my routine last night became a much needed SMILE for me and for my husband. I can’t count how many times my husband told me what fun he had. I even tried something I’d never eaten before and actually liked it. That is a miracle in and of itself. Hmmm. Dinner with friends may need to happen more often!


2 thoughts on “A Year of Smiles – Day 272

    • I tried chicken fajita nachos. I rarely stray from foods that I already know I like because I’ve been disappointed many times and end up paying for food I didn’t enjoy. But I will definitely be ordering those nachos again!

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