A Year of Smiles – Day 273


What is the one thing in life that you love most, that you love doing the most? What is the one thing that excites you, that stirs up the embers of passion inside of you? Is it your job? Your hobbies? Charity work? Taking care of your family? Crafting? Building?

One of my greatest passions is writing. (Well, of course. This is a blog, right?) My love for writing began in my high school years, I believe, but I seriously began to hone my craft of word weaving in college. Take a look at one of my entries in a journal I was required to keep for a Spiritual Formation class in seminary:

I have so many things, Lord, so many gifts of this world. Collections of this and piles of that fill my empty spaces. The emptiness is never quite satisfied, however, and I am left with a desire for more. I search for the perfect pictures to cover my barren walls. I seek out the best attire to fill the cavities of my closets. Only the finest furniture can decorate my lifeless rooms. Only the most scholarly books can line my wanting shelves.

I acquire but the shelves still lack. The walls still beckon for companionship. I allow myself to be trapped by selfish desires, by misleading promises and by relentless lies. I dare to believe that objects can fill my empty spaces, that possessions alone suffice.

Lord, only you can fill my emptiness. Only you can line the shelves of my wanting. Only you can animate my rooms of lifelessness. Your goodness alone can fill the cavities and adorn the barren. God, you are enough for me.

Who is this writer? And how can I find her again? 😉

Regardless of the styles in which I choose to write, the passion remains the same. It is a passion given by the Lord and one which I will always use to give glory to His name. That is truly what all of our gifts, skills and passions are for – to honor the Lord, to make His name famous and to reach a dying world in need of the Savior. Our passions may be the driving force behind our happiness and contentment but using our passions to glorify the Heavenly Father will always fill our lives with joy and lead to a life of SMILES.



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