A Year of Smiles – Day 279


Adobe Spark (21)

Did you know that today, October 6, 2017, is World Smile Day? I didn’t until only a few moments ago. How did I not know about World Smile Day? Someone really needs to get me a better calendar!

Well, I’ve learned a few things about this awesome day (and you can learn more by clicking here). World Smile Day has been around since 1999. (Seriously, where have I been and what have I been doing all these years?) It is recognized on the first Friday of October each year and it is celebrated by doing an act of kindness to help at least one person to smile. I love World Smile Day. We should have so many more than just one!

It’s late in the day but there’s still time to make someone SMILE today. Find a frown and help turn it upside down.

You still here? Get out there and spread the SMILES!


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