A Year of Smiles – Day 282

Reason to SMILE #282: VISITORS 

You know that moment when the doorbell rings and you open the door to see the smiling face of an old friend you haven’t seen in what seems like forever? Or when you walk through the grocery store and bump into an old college roommate? What about when you walk into the church welcome center and find your former pastor and his wife chatting away with church members as if time had never passed and they had never said “Goodbye”? 

The latter was my situation this past Sunday and oh, what a wonderful surprise! It was such a blessing to see my pastor and his wife again. They have only been gone for about six months now but I have to tell you, it seems like a lifetime. And although we were only able to visit for a few moments, it was just enough time to stock up on hugs, prayers and SMILES.

Visiting with those you hold dear but aren’t able to see often is a precious gift that comes with so many SMILES. Though tears may come when your time together is over, nothing can compare to the happiness found in the moments you share together.


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