A Year of Smiles – Day 286

Reason to SMILE #286: PROGRESS

Adobe Spark (27)

Five of us have been sharing one bathroom for almost a month now. A rotted floor in our main bathroom meant total renovation – something neither I nor my husband knows how to do. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to hire a professional, either. So, my husband has been gleaning what he can from YouTube videos and he has been tackling the job little by little.

We have both discovered that demolition is the best part. Tearing up stuff is easy. Just hand me a sledge hammer! Haha – I can’t even pick up a sledge hammer. Anyway…

Once the demolition was complete, though, we were stumped. The idea of reconstruction was overwhelming and the bathroom renovation came to a screeching halt. Ugh!

This weekend, however, we found some motivation in the form of a friend willing to lend a hand. And not just any friend – a friend who knows what he’s doing! And boy, oh boy, do I thank God for this friend!

We’ve finally made some progress! And this is making all of us SMILE!



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