A Year of Smiles – Day 297


I knew my afternoon was going to be busy. I had a long “to do” list and a short amount of time in which to finish it. You see, the church’s fall festival is days away and although there are only small tasks to complete before the big day, those small details can really add up.

Adobe Spark (35)

I needed a burst of energy to get me hyped and ready to conquer the busy afternoon. Caffeine wasn’t going to be enough. Food would have been a huge help but who had time to eat! I hopped into my car to go pick up the items still needed for decorations and games. I turned on the radio in the hopes of finding some energizing tunes and as I was arriving at my first stop, there it was – the perfect song.

Celebration by Kool & the Gang blasted through the radio and a SMILE grew on my face. “There’s a party going on right here – a celebration to last throughout the years!”

Yessss! I had a celebration to finish planning and this 80’s flashback was exactly what I needed to get me going. I finished all my errands and even had time for lunch – although it was an extremely late lunch.

So, if you’re anywhere near Albany, Georgia, this Sunday, you’ve got to join us for Game Day: A Fall Family Event ’cause “we gon’ celebrate and have a good time. Yahoo!” 😉


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