A Year of Smiles – Day 314

Reason to SMILE #314: HOT SOUP ON A CHILLY DAYsoup

I can make soup!! This was my first attempt at homemade soup and I am proud of myself. Yes, yes. You read that correctly. Usually I open a can. Don’t judge me! Campbell’s soups are “Mmm-mmm-good.” (Haha! Remember that jingle?)

Anyway, I gotta tell ya, folks, this soup was pretty darn scrumptious. So much better than canned soups!!

I found the recipe for this Cheeseburger Soup on Pinterest. (You can check it out here.) I didn’t add every ingredient (like the celery – my family is not a fan) and half way through, I realized I needed to double the recipe in order to end up with enough soup for everyone but I actually pulled it off! In fact, I think I now understand exactly how God felt during creation. I chopped, diced, browned, boiled, sauteed, mixed and stirred for almost two hours (Yes, yes. It takes me forever to cook anything!). Then when it was finally ready, I looked at – and tasted! – my culinary creation and said, “THIS. IS. GOOD.”

And four out of five family members agree! That’s worth a great big SMILE as far as I’m concerned. (My younger kid doesn’t like anything so I’m claiming this one as a win! 😉 )

Hot and yummy homemade soup on a chilly Fall evening – we’re all going to bed with full bellies and warm SMILES.




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