A Year of Smiles – Day 330

Reason to SMILE #330: WAKING UP

Adobe Spark

The first morning back to work or school after any holiday is never a happy occasion. In fact, it’s downright miserable – at least it is in the Smith household. There’s always a struggle. No one wants to wake up. No one wants to get ready. No one wants to leave the house. No one.

This morning was no different. My husband was aching from working on bathroom renovations over the break and I didn’t want to give up my extra sleep that has been so lovely these past few days. My older son hit his snooze button at least three times and my younger son, well, he suddenly came down with an incurable disease. So to say that this morning was difficult for my clan is pretty much the understatement of the century.

I’ve been at this game long enough, though, that I anticipated the problems this dreaded morning would bring. I awoke early (miracle of all miracles 😉 ), drank a cup of coffee and had my “Unless You’re Dying, You’re Going to School” speech prepared. Though the morning was determined to beat me down, I was more determined to begin this day with a SMILE.

Whew! It was a tough battle. My speech did not make me Mother of the Year and I didn’t end up being Wife of the Year, either. I wasn’t taking excuses from anyone today! And when the morning’s battle had been waged, I sat in my recliner in the glow of the Christmas lights (I needed all the help I could get this morning. 😉 ) overwhelmed by feelings of defeat.

Those feelings grew even stronger when I heard my husband leave the house. I believed that he had left for work without saying “good-bye” but a few minutes later, he came back inside to tell me he had started my car. You see, it was cold and he wanted the car to be warm for me when I left. There it was – my SMILE.

My husband’s simple act of love reminded me that no matter the morning struggles, no matter the frustrations or aggravations that await, waking up is a SMILE never to be taken for granted. And waking up to a family that loves you, even when you are reprimanding and making them do things they don’t want to do, is a SMILE I wouldn’t trade for anything – even another hour of sleep! 😉


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