A Year of Smiles – Day 336: The SMILES of Christmas

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Christmas SMILE #2 (Reason to SMILE #336): THE ORNAMENTS

For many years, the ladies at my church had a Christmas tradition. They’d all get together a few weeks before Christmas for an ornament swap. The rules were simple:

  1. The cost of the ornament could not be more than $5 – $10 and
  2. The ornament had to be wrapped.

The swapping, however, wasn’t so simple. All of the ornaments would be placed in the middle of the room and the ladies would then be seated in a circle around them. Each lady drew a number which indicated the order in which she could choose one of the ornaments from the pile. Lady #1 would choose an ornament, unwrap it and raise it for all to see. Lady #2 would then choose an ornament or if she liked the ornament Lady #1 chose, she could steal that ornament. If the ornament of Lady #1 was stolen, Lady #1 could then choose again. And so on and so on. The lady who drew the last number always had the advantage because she could see all of the ornaments opened and have the pick of the litter.

If you like beginning your holidays with a bunch of church ladies fighting over a $5 Christmas ornament, this is definitely the event for you! Nothing says, “Goodwill to all mankind (or womankind!)” like stealing an ornament from the preacher’s wife – or, even better, the preacher’s wife stealing from you! 😉 At least the annual ladies’ ornament swap was never boring! Hehe!

The ornament swap always reminded that we all have different tastes when it comes to decorating our Christmas trees. Some love ornate bulbs of silver and gold, sparkling ribbons and elegant angels.  Some love frosty blue snowflakes, glassy icicles, and shiny tinsel. Others love the natural look of poinsettias and holly, burlap and twine covered hearts, pinecones and rustic metal stars. Then, there are the folks like me who love a little bit of it all.

No matter the style, the reason behind the choice of ornaments is always the same: Each ornament is chosen because of the spirit of Christmas that it kindles within our hearts.

Whether a family heirloom that reminds you of Christmases past,

Ornament 1

a paper Christmas tree covered in glitter and sequins that was made by your child,

Ornament 2

a home-made ornament crafted in one of your more creative moments,

Ornament 3

a gift from someone you hold dear,

Ornament 4

a “Gasp! I gotta have this for my tree!” ornament found at a local store,

Ornament 5

a reminder of what Christmas is truly about,

Ornament 6

or an ornament you ended up with because some ruthless church lady stole the one you truly loved,  😉

Ornament 7

each ornament has it’s own stories to tell and it’s own SMILES to share.


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