A Year of Smiles – Day 340: The SMILES of Christmas

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Christmas SMILE #6 (Reason to SMILE #340): THE STOCKINGS

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there.

“The Night Before Christmas”, Clement Clarke Moore

File Dec 07, 4 05 43 PM

I love to see stockings hanging from the mantel at Christmas. I think if I didn’t have kids, I’d still line the mantel with them. To me, the stockings are a part of the whole Christmas kit and kaboodle. I gotta have them – even if they don’t get filled! (Like mine and my husband’s! Seriously, Santa. We haven’t been that bad!)

Growing up with five siblings meant our mantel was filled with stockings every year. We each had a hand-made stocking crocheted by Mom. I still have mine. See:

File Dec 07, 4 06 27 PM

Isn’t it awesome! Each was crocheted with the same colors but we all knew which stocking was ours by the color of the pom-pom on the toe and bow at the top. Mine was red, of course – my favorite color.

Since I never learned how to crochet as well as my mom (That woman can do anything, by the way!), my kids got the cutesy store-bought stockings. I only wish I had thought about overall lifetime use before purchasing my kids’ stockings. If I had, I may not have had to buy so many over the years. Take a look at their first stockings:


Awwww! So sweet! I have no idea why my 19 year old doesn’t want me to hang up Winnie-the-Pooh anymore. 😉

As they grew and their interests changed, I ended up buying new stockings for my boys. That is, until the year my mom found the time to crochet stockings for all of her grandkids. (Yay, mom!) My days of purchasing new stockings were over. Well, for my older son anyway. He was happy to use the stocking Mamaw made. I’m still waiting on my younger son to come to that decision.


Until then, I’ll keep hanging up a new stocking for him every few years – preferably one that is darker in color, though. They hide coal stains better than the others! 😉

I SMILE when I see my Christmas stockings. They remind me of Christmases past, of childhood – my own and my children’s. They may not all match. They may not all get filled on Christmas Eve but each time I hang these stockings on my mantel, my heart is overwhelmed with joy as I remember all of the time, skill and love that went into the crafting of each one.

Even the store-bought stockings make me SMILE! I did put a lot of thought in the purchase of those things, you know! 😉


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