A Year of Smiles – Day 342: The SMILES of Christmas

Adobe Spark (54)Christmas SMILE #8 (Reason to SMILE #342): THE PICTURES WITH SANTA

The lines may be long. The kid behind you might be screaming and throwing a fit. The parent in front of you might be talking too loudly on her phone and completely ignoring her child who is eating the plastic candy cane decorations. Your own kids may be antsy and whiny and doing everything within their power to test your patience. You may have to promise an early Christmas present to convince your kid it’s okay to sit on the lap of the creepy old man reaching out to grab him. You may have to jump up and down, make silly faces and wave a favorite toy above the photographer’s head to get your baby’s attention or stop your baby from crying. But nothing, and I mean nothing, will deter you from having your child’s picture taken with Santa.

Pic with Santa

Awww! So cute!

Wait a minute. The only one SMILING is Santa!

Yep. And momma wasn’t SMILING, either. 😉


One thought on “A Year of Smiles – Day 342: The SMILES of Christmas

  1. We too my son to the mall, bought a “My First Christmas” outfit, stripped him in the middle of the mall, dressed him in the new outfit, put him on Santa’s lap, and the picture shows him not too happy about the whole thing… lol 😉

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