A Year of Smiles – Day 352: The SMILES of Christmas

Adobe SparkChristmas SMILE #18 (Reason to SMILE #352): THE QUIET REFLECTIONS

Can you imagine what Mary, the mother of Jesus, was thinking on the night she gave birth to Jesus? What an awesome privilege was bestowed upon this “highly-favored” woman yet this privilege was surrounded by controversy and uncertainty. The impossibility of a virgin birth, a secret plan of divorce and a government edict to displace an entire nation threatened the promise delivered to Mary by God’s angel. How strong and courageous this young girl must have been to proclaim in the midst of all the chaos, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” Luke 1:38 (ESV)

By the time of Jesus’ birth, Mary had plenty of new experiences to reflect upon and as she watched her newborn baby lying in the feeding trough, Mary may have had these thoughts:

There he is, lying in a manger. What a beautiful baby boy. The angel hadn’t said anything about being here in this place. Oh, God, are you sure? Listen to him. Oh, I wish there was some other place to spend the night. Well, the hardest part is over now. We can all get some rest. Joseph has been so strong through all of this. He’s going to be a good father. Look at him. He’s just standing there looking at the baby. I wish there was more light but when the morning comes, there will be plenty of time to see our precious son. Oh, I am so tired. Maybe the baby will sleep a while now. I have to get some rest. At least no one knows us here in Bethlehem and we won’t have any visitors tonight.

Dear God, thank you for a healthy birth and a beautiful baby boy. I’m still struggling with all your angel has told us but He’s so perfect! Jesus is the perfect name for our son. Thank you, God! And, oh yes, God, if you will, help these animals around us keep quiet through the night so Jesus won’t be disturbed and I can get some sleep. Amen.

– written by Rev. Charles S. Jones (my dad!)

Check out his music on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/user/JesusSinger10/videos

Boy, was Mary in for a surprise! For soon she would be visited by an excited group of shepherds anxious to see their Savior. And you can be sure that these shepherds were shouting praises and singing the song of the angels which was just heard in their fields, “Glory to God in the highest!” It was a visit to be added to Mary’s collection of priceless treasures – all her thoughts of wondrous revelations and miracles which she “pondered in her heart” (Luke 2:19 ESV), I’m sure, for a lifetime.

We all have special memories of Christmas that we hold dear in our hearts. Each recollection of loved ones no longer with us, time spent with family and friends and excitement of little children who are no longer little brings warmth to our spirits and a SMILE to our faces – though often accompanied by a bittersweet tear or two. These memories are priceless treasures worth more than any present found under the Christmas tree.

Of all our wonderful reflections at Christmas, though, none can uplift the spirits more than remembering the reason for our Joy. The birth of Jesus and His presence in our lives makes every moment of every Christmas and every moment of every day worth experiencing. And when our quiet reflections of Christmas begin with Jesus, enjoying the rest of our priceless memories will be so much sweeter.


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