A Year of Smiles – Day 362

Reason to SMILE #362: A COZY FIRE

The colder air has finally reached my neck of the woods in southwest Georgia. It’s only in the forties but I can’t seem to get warm. And wouldn’t you know it. The weatherman says we may get snow next week. Snow! Real snow (for us, anyway). Two to four inches. I know a bunch of children who are praying the weatherman’s prediction is correct because just a hint of flurries around here means no school.

Though it would make me SMILE to see snow blanketing my lawn and covering the trees, I do not want to go out in it. I will freeze before I even get to my car! And it’s extremely hard to SMILE when your face is frozen stiff.

No, I’ll be much happier if I can sit by a warm fire and enjoy the view of the snow from my window. In fact, that’s what I’m doing right now. Except, my view is not so white – more like gray and dreary.


Well, at least I’m nice and cozy by the fire. 🙂


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