Reason to SMILE #63: CHOCOLATE

READER ADVISORY: This post contains explicit opinions of an unbridled passion which may not be suitable for all audiences. Read at your own discretion. 😉

Reason to SMILE #63: CHOCOLATE - Chocolate lovers of the world, unite! |

Who doesn’t like chocolate?!?

These four words comprise the perfect response to the person with the upturned nose being offered the most delectable treat on the planet, don’t you think? I mean, everyone knows that the velvety goodness of chocolate is unmatched by anything else.

And I dare you to say any different.

Nope. Don’t even try it.

Okay. Okay. So I like chocolate a little bit. And it is difficult for me to believe that there are people who don’t like it.

Seriously. I just do not understand the animosity.

Then, there are those who are allergic to chocolate. They know exactly what they’re missing (How does one discover a food allergy??) but still must say “no” to the yummy goodness.

Poor souls.

For the rest of us, though, chocolate gives us plenty of reasons to SMILE.

It satisfies the sweet tooth.

It calms the stress filled day.

It soothes the broken heart and even stirs the embers of LOVE.

It’s pretty powerful stuff.

Now that I think about it, the perfect response to all the chocolate haters out there is actually,

Oh, well. More for me!!

P.S. The day after Valentine’s Day, it all goes on sale – even more reason to SMILE! 🙂


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