Reason to SMILE #244: MAPS

Reason to SMILE #244: MAPS - Feeling lost? Well, this SMILE is for you! |
Remember the days of paper maps? You know the ones I’m talking about. They came neatly folded in a packet small enough to fit into your car’s glove compartment but opened up to the size of the windshield. Of course, once unfolded, these maps never returned to their original folded size again!

Then there was the big, bulky atlas – a book of maps that never fit anywhere in the car except the trunk. And anytime you needed it, you’d have to pull over on the side of the road to retrieve it.

The atlas was always my husband’s navigational aide of choice and, of course, I was always the navigator. Unfortunately, we didn’t always have the best of luck following these paper maps to get to our destinations.

My husband would say, after finding that we were lost, “I can’t believe someone with a college education can’t read a map.”

I’d say, “That wasn’t my major!”

Okay. Okay. We may have had some communication issues. 😉

Fortunately for us both, we now have Google Maps. No longer do we have to struggle with bulky paper maps that block the view and probably have caused as many divorces as they have accidents. We can simply type in an address and boom! The route is laid out for us and all we have to do is follow the blue line.

Well, just like Google Maps helps us in our travels, we also have a map to help us along life’s journey. The Bible, God’s lamp for our feet and light for our paths, is right at our fingertips. His guide for our lives has never been more accessible. It’s only a click of a website or touch of an app away. We only need to open it, read it and boom! His path is laid out before us and all we have to do is follow it.

Having a map at my fingertips sure has made a difference in my family trips. Having God’s Word at my fingertips has made a difference of even greater significance. Without having to worry with navigation myself, either on the road or in my walk with God, I have more time to enjoy the journey and all the SMILES along the way.


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