Thanksgiving: A Countdown to Joy

Thanksgiving: A Countdown to Joy - Have you lost your Joy? Keep reading to discover the secret to finding it. |

Five days.


Only five days til pumpkin pie, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, savory stuffing, buttery dinner rolls and, oh, yes – that plump and juicy turkey!

Ahhhh… I can smell the heavenly aroma already.

Can’t you?

To be honest, though, my anticipation of Thanksgiving has been at an all-time low this year. In fact, I haven’t thought much about it until last night when my husband asked, “So, am I deep frying a turkey this year?” (I may have drooled just a little bit. 😉 )

I don’t know what it is. My mind, of late, hasn’t been filled with thankful thoughts. To the contrary, I feel as though a cloud of negativity has been looming over me and that ugly, overbearing attitude is beginning to take its toll.

It’s time to refocus.

I’ve been reading a daily devotional entitled, One Thousand Gifts. In this book, the author shares her journey of living out Eucharisteo, which is the biblical Greek word meaning “to give thanks”. Her journey began with a challenge from a friend to make a list a 1000 gifts – 1000 graces God has shown her, 1000 reasons to be thankful. (Hmmm… kinda reminds me of my reasons to SMILE!)

As she made her list, the author realized that God continuously showers us with blessings each and every day. Even in the midst of difficulties, she found that there are always reasons to be thankful; there are always graces to be discovered. And  before her list was complete, her choice to look for these gifts of grace every day filled her heart with an overwhelming Joy.

And there it is – the secret to real Joy. It’s a life of Thanksgiving. You can even see it in the word itself. For right at the center of Eucharisteo, Thanksgiving, is the word, Chara, which means “JOY”!

So, today, I begin my countdown to Joy. I’m challenging myself to begin a list of graces, a list of blessings, no matter how small, and hopefully, on our celebration day of Eucharisteo, Thanksgiving, I’ll truly be able to joyfully thank God for the graces He continuously shows.


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