Reason to SMILE #10: TOILET PAPER - Have you ever found yourself without it??- - -

“What are you thankful for?”

The question was asked by the pastor at a churchwide Thanksgiving meal.

Adults, youth and children took turns sharing the things for which they were most thankful.

Then, a little girl stood up.

There’s always that one kid in a children’s ministry that will say anything to get a laugh, the one who loves stirring up the class with random stories or outlandish answers to serious question. The little girl standing up that evening to declare in front of the entire church what makes her heart thankful was that one kid.

As the pastor held the microphone down toward the smiling girl, she proudly proclaimed,

“I’m thankful for toilet paper!”

The room filled with laughter. And “toilet paper” has been this child’s answer to the same question ever since.

When I first published this SMILE a couple of years ago, readers may have scratched their heads and thought I was crazy to think toilet paper was a reason to smile. But right about now, I’m pretty sure we all give a little cheer when we find the elusive pack of T.P. on the grocery shelf!!

Yep, toilet paper – correction – having toilet paper is most certainly a reason to SMILE! 😉

P.S. Sorry folks. I just couldn’t help myself with this one!! 😉


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