How to Spread SMILES – not germs! Idea #3: Suit Up

How to Spread SMILES - not germs! Idea #3: Suit Up - Do you feel like there’s nothing you can do to make a difference in the battle against COVID-19? Here's something all of us can do! |

As The Healthcare Heroes are working tirelessly to defeat the villainous virus, COVID-19, the rest of the world is becoming restless.  

Frustrated residents of quarantined nations begin to emerge from their homes. Their shouts rise up piercing the tension in the air:


Traffic roars down once quiet streets.


Sirens howl as emergency vehicles rush to ever-increasing accident sites. 

Stores are overrun as shop owners desperately attempt to maintain social distancing among their customers. Food supplies once again begin to decrease.


An evil laugh captures the attention of a reckless world.

“See! You will never defeat me. I will win this battle!”

Worn, weary, battered, broken, our Healthcare Heroes hang their heads realizing they are alone in this fight.


Folks, we may not be on the frontlines but we are in the battle. Each of us has a responsibility to do whatever we can to stop the spread of COVID-19. What does that mean? Simple. Stay home, wash your hands often, don’t venture out unless it’s absolutely necessary and stay away from others.

When we do go out, we need to suit up for battle. We need to wear our protective masks. Remember, there’s still no vaccine for this nasty virus.

I know. The truth about these masks is they only keep the wearer from sharing germs with others. But if we’re all wearing them, everyone is protected. You see, no one truly knows what germs they may be carrying!

Don’t have a mask? Make one. There are DIY videos all over the place. Here’s one that I will be using to make my mask: Homemade Face Mask with Elastic – 10 Minutes (10 Minutes! Maybe it won’t turn out like one of my cooking fiascos!!)

I’ve even picked out my material.


(OK. It’s really all I have. I’ve raised boys and I know more about the Marvel universe than I ever imagined I would!)

After you make your mask, make a few to share with friends, nursing homes, church groups, whoever needs them. Or if you don’t sew, donate to someone who can or who is partnering with someone who can, like my friend here: Facemask Fundraiser for Senior Citizens

See, by suiting up with your mask or providing masks for others, you can SMILE knowing that you are doing your part in stopping the spread of this Villainous Virus.

Oh. How will we know you are SMILING under that mask?

Don’t worry. We’ll see it in those beautiful eyes. That’s the power of a SMILE!

Spread SMILES-not germs!



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