Reflections, Observations and Questions – What I’ve Learned from COVID-19

Reflections, Observations and Questions - What I’ve Learned from COVID-19 |

The end of shelter-in-place mandates is drawing near. Soon, the restless natives will be released into the wild. I want to jump for joy but…

Is it time? Are we safe? Will things ever get back to “normal”? Do we even want things to get back to normal?

There’s a lot to consider.

And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing these last few weeks – considering the world’s issues, pondering over the colossal chaos caused by a microscopic virus, contemplating the historical significance of this period in time and examining the effects this pandemic has had on me personally.

It’s probably safe to say we’ve all been doing a little bit of soul searching of late. I don’t know how your reflection has been going but mine has led to several surprising (and some not so surprising) revelations. I like to call them my “Coronalations”.

Are you ready for this? 😉

Coronalation No. 1 – I touch my face entirely too much.


Coronalation No. 2 – I really do like the idea of social distancing.

Six feet away, folks. Don’t come any closer. Do not – I repeat – do NOT let my Smile deceive you. I will throw something at you! 😉 (Haha! Just kidding!… not really.)

Coronalation No. 3 – I was right!!

My child, who has always begged to be homeschooled, has, during his mandatory distance learning, done exactly what I thought he’d do if I had granted his request to be homeschooled – absolutely nothing.

He did pass all of his courses, though. Barely.

Coronalation No. 4 – No matter how much quarantine time you give me, I will never get the laundry done – or the sweeping, or the dusting, or the …

To be fair, though, I am an essential worker so I haven’t been confined to my home 24-7. But you’d think I could at least get something done on the weekends! (More blog posts, perhaps??)

Coronalation No. 5 – Even this introvert gets a little stir crazy sometimes.

We all need a change of scenery every now and then. But I’m a rule follower so I have stayed at home. In fact, I will continue to stay at home even though my governor has given the go ahead to mix and mingle (at a safe distance, of course – like that’s going to happen!). I choose to keep spreading SMILES – not germs.

Coronalation No. 6 – I take my hairstylist for granted.

I haven’t had a haircut since December. I actually missed an appointment in February because I overslept. And right about now, I’m pretty sure I could claim that cash reward Daddy Warbucks issued for finding Little Orphan Annie’s long lost Momma! Hands down. Ain’t nobody gonna question me when I say she’s mine! You think I’m kidding…

Coronalation No. 7 – Some of us humans are ridiculously stubborn.

It’s kinda entertaining watching grown folks stomp their feet, stick out their tongues and scream, “You’re not the boss of me!!”

But, c’mon. At some point, we have to remember that there are a lot of young folks watching how we handle ourselves during these times. What are we teaching them?

Now that’s something to think about…

Coronalation No. 8 – And most of us humans are easily swayed.

Yep. We will believe anything. ANYTHING.

Like the Bible says, “All we, like sheep…” Baaaaa!

Coronalation No. 9 – I’m not sure I like being “essential”.

First of all, I am not one of the heroes risking their lives everyday to care for those who are sick. I would never compare my work to anything that these amazing humans are doing for the world.

However, I am considered essential because 9 months ago, I made the move to the banking world. The thing is my workplace is in a virus hotspot and our doors have not closed – not even once. Our customers appreciate it but it truly has been a bit stressful to say the least.

And to be completely honest, I have re-evaluated my career move e-ver-y day!

Coronalation No. 10 – I’m not ready for the world to resume.

I’ve enjoyed slow-paced living – not having to worry about the kid getting to school in the morning, very little traffic on the streets, less sirens howling through the air.

My heart has been overwhelmed watching folks band together to feed hungry children who were left without daily meals when the schools closed their doors. I’ve loved seeing quarantined moms and seamstresses handcrafting heaps of protective masks for medical personnel, nursing home residents and anyone else who is in need.

I’ve basked in the stillness and the quiet. And even though the uncertainty of this situation has overwhelmed and overcome from time to time, my faith has grown stronger.

Still, all of this makes me wonder…

Why does it take a crisis to bring us together? Why does it take loss to help us appreciate all that we have? Why does it take a threat to our way of life to make us reach out to one another, support one another and show our gratitude for one another? Why does it take fear to drive us back to our Heavenly Father, back to the One who is always waiting with open arms, back to the Source of hope, salvation, strength and peace?


I think I’d like to keep the speed of this world a little slower, the noise just a bit quieter and the distractions a great deal smaller. Maybe then, we’d have time for each other. Maybe then, we’d be a little more forgiving. Maybe then, we’d remember all of the many blessings God has given us. Maybe then, we’d find a little more peace.




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