A Wallflower’s Perspective

A Wallflower’s Perspective - The joy of knowing your worth | https://acoupleofstarsandahappyface.wordpress.com

We tend to go unnoticed.

“I didn’t see you there,” we often hear.

But that is our intention –

The spotlight is what we fear.


We mostly like the distance.

It gives us room to breathe, to think, to see

What’s going on around us –

Learn what separates you from me.


There are those times, however,

The separation leaves us in the cold.

We’d seek out your attention

But would never be so bold.


We hope for just a moment

You’d look beyond the crowd and walk our way.

We know you’d like what you find

Once you hear what we have to say.


We have so much to offer.

It’d only take a glimpse for you to see

Our kindness, smarts, our humor,

Our fierce creativity.


You might find it surprising

To stop and realize what you’re missing

By ignoring the margins,

Not widening your vision.


Now don’t mistake or mishear me.

We don’t need rescuing or pushed to change.

Just let us know you see us

With a nod, a SMILE or wave.


You see, we know our value

Even though we shrink back along the wall.

The reason we’re called flowers –

Well – it’s ‘cause we’re beautiful!



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