Reason to SMILE #162: Change

Reason to SMILE #162: CHANGE - For the times you wish everything could stay the same... |

I do not like this thing called change.

I do not like to feel so strange.

I do not like to try new things.

I do not like the fear it brings.


I would not like it even if

You sent it to me with a kiss.

I would not like it with a SMILE;

You can’t make me with your guile!


“Oh,” you say, “Change may be good

You should embrace it if you could.

Change may be just what you need.

You will like it. Try it and see.”


Yes, I know it may be time

To mute this stubbornness of mine

And keep my mind open to

The SMILES that wait for me and you.


Change – it’s a fact of life no matter how hard we try to ignore and resist it. Which is exactly what I’ve done for the past few weeks knowing my older son would be moving into his own apartment this weekend – away from home, away from me, out of my reach, on his own, fending for himself, in a strange city, where he knows only his roommates, where he has no one to call on in an emergency, and if he called me, it would take entirely too long for me to get there. That’s it! I’m going back to get him!


No, like I said, change is inevitable. And although change can seem like the devil in disguise, if we give it a try, change could be the catalyst that pushes us toward the great and wondrous works that God has waiting for us. I know my kid is headed in the right direction and God has great things in store, says the sobbing mom as she desperately tries to reassure herself that God will take care of her firstborn!


Change – it may be hard but the SMILES you’ll find on the other side of it are worth every chance you dare to take.

P.S. I seemed to be channeling Dr. Seuss with this SMILE. Oh, well. It’s been a rough day! 😉


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