Reason to SMILE #371

Reason to SMILE #371 - Would you like to know what serendipity is? Keep reading! |

It was 9:30 in the morning and my stomach was reminding me that I skipped breakfast.

I ran out of the house without grabbing anything and there was nothing in the break room at work except a bag of salted peanuts. Ewww! That would not go well with my coffee.

Hmmmm! I wondered.

I opened up my top desk draw.


There was a Snickers bar in all of it’s chocolate-y glory.

I was pretty sure it had been in there a while. Possibly more than a couple of months.

I didn’t care.

I was hungry.

It was chocolate.

So I ate it.

I am not ashamed.

And my stomach was very happy. 🙂


***What discoveries have made you SMILE? I’d love to hear about them!!!


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