Reason to SMILE #374

Reason to SMILE #374 - Even the garbage can bring you a SMILE. Keep reading to see how. |

You know, if we celebrated all of the little accomplishments in life, we’d really be a whole lot happier.

For example, if you actually get the garbage can to the road before the trash truck reaches your driveway, you should celebrate with a huge fist making, elbow bending, drawing close to your chest “Yesss”! And as you turn to walk away, hold your head high while you enjoy the victorious anthem that fills the sky:

I am the champion, my frie-end!

(Just a side note, the song will actually only be playing in your head. Don’t get too caught up in the moment. People are watching. 😉 )

Life is better when we SMILE! And SMILE moments can be found even in the most ordinary moments of life. After all, that’s what most of our moments are anyway. Why not find a way to celebrate them?


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