Reason to SMILE #375

Reason to SMILE #375 - One of the greatest SMILES you can give to anyone. |

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m praying for you”?

What a comfort these four words can bring! When we’re at the moment of breaking, when we’re facing the toughest decisions of our lives or when we’re waiting on those dreaded test results, knowing someone is lifting us up in prayer is one of the most encouraging feelings. And it may be the only thing that keeps us from giving up.

So as the world continues to throw curve balls our way, I hope you are praying for those around you. I hope you are lifting up your friends, family and even strangers, asking for God’s grace, provision, mercy, protection, healing and comfort.

And I hope you are saying those four powerful words, “I’m praying for you,” to those who need to hear it most. Better yet, say, “I’m praying WITH you!” Because just knowing someone is concerned enough to pray can lighten the heaviest of loads and lead the way to a much needed SMILE.


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