Reason to SMILE #376

Reason to SMILE #376 - Are your co-workers freezing you out of the office? This will help you SMILE! |

My desk is positioned directly under an air vent.

My office is too small to rearrange the furniture any other way.

I, apparently, am the only one in the building that does not like my teeth to chatter all day long.

And that, my friends, is why God gave us the good sense to make sweaters!

Now, if I only had the good sense to grab one as I’m rushing out of the house each day, my SMILES would be a lot less chattery! 😉


4 thoughts on “Reason to SMILE #376

    • I can’t close the vent! And I really wish I could move my desk. The vent actually sweated and the condensation leaked overnight onto my chair. It was soaked the next morning!! It’s been worked on since then but still, it can’t be closed. And yes, I really should leave a sweater at work. And maybe a blanket, too!! 😉

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