Reason to SMILE #377

Reason to SMILE #377 - You can even find a SMILE in the most frustrating things of life! |

Yes, this IS the 2nd SMILE in the past two weeks with a focus on remembering. Reason to SMILE #370 was remembering where you put your keys (or whatever else you may have lost!). Now, today, my SMILE for you is remembering your password.

Hmmm… I suppose this focus on memory might be saying a thing or two about myself.

Maybe it reveals how busy I am during the day, that I have so many things to accomplish that I can’t be bothered with small things like remembering my passwords.

Maybe it sheds light on the fact that I may be required to have too many passwords. We are extremely security conscious these days (understandably!). Passwords have to be so complex – including capital letters, lower case letters, symbols and numbers. They must be a certain length and can’t be anything that could be guessed easily. And we have to change them more often than we change our socks! (Okay, not that often but it really does feel like it!)

Or maybe – and this really is a very slight possibility – it’s an indication that I’m getting old and my memory is beginning to fail me…

Nah! That couldn’t be it at all! 😉

Whatever the reason, forgetfulness happens. And it tends to happen more often as our lives become busier and as our years become greater. <SIGH>

So, when the light bulb illuminates, the switch flips and the “Eureka! I’ve got it!“ moment appears, we truly do have a reason to SMILE!

Ha! Ha!

I didn’t have to look at my cheat sheet today!

What about you? 🙂


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