Reason to SMILE #378

Reason to SMILE #378 - Sometimes the SMILES are right under our noses - literally! |

If you live in the big city, you may not understand but there’s just something refreshing about the smell of freshly cut grass.

In my neck of the woods, where summer lasts most of the year, rain storms pop up in an instant and grass grows at least 6 inches every night, we truly appreciate this summertime SMILE. The air is filled with the crisp fragrance of grass clipping scattered about and the lawn is looking pretty sharp, too – at least until tomorrow!

If you don’t have a lawn, you’re missing out!! But you’re welcome to swing by for a visit. While you’re here, take some time to stop and smell the freshly cut grass. It’s a SMILE you have to experience.

Unless you have hay fever. Then you may just want to take my word for it. 😉


4 thoughts on “Reason to SMILE #378

  1. I do like the smell of a freshly cut grass, it is coming to an end. It least for us it is. Fall is in the air, can you smell it? For now I will do my best to keep in the summer smells and freshly cut grass.

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