Reason to SMILE #246

Some days, home is not the place to which you want to rush. Home is where bills need to be paid, chores need to be done and decisions need to be made. Home is where troubles await – troubles you tucked away to address upon your return, troubles you were glad to be without for a day or two. Yes, sometimes, home can wait a little while longer.

So go ahead. Take the scenic route.

Veer off the beaten path. Take the old country roads. Enjoy the countryside. Take in the breathtaking views of God’s handiwork. Ingest the serenity and store up the peaceful moments of your journey. Convert the rejuvenating energy you gain from the miles of God’s beauty into SMILES that can be called upon when…

… you are facing the troubles life throws your way,

No Fear

… decisions must be made but directions are unclear,

Adobe Spark (10)

… bills must be paid but finances are tight,

Adobe Spark (9)

… the weight of your burdens seems too great to bear,

Adobe Spark (11)

… you’ve finally made it home.



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