Meatloaf, Anyone?

Believe it or not, in my first year of marriage, I actually did cook.

OK, OK, I microwaved. But if you have to stir something, it’s cooking, right?

One evening, after discovering that my husband’s favorite meal was meatloaf, I decided to surprise him with a meatloaf dinner. And no, I wasn’t going to pop a pre-made frozen entree in the oven or nuke it in the microwave. I was going to prepare a homemade, get your hands gunky, follow a recipe and savor the yumminess meatloaf.

How difficult could it be??

Psst… You’re about to discover one of the many reasons I put down the spatula and stepped away from the kitchen.

The cooking was going well, I thought. The recipe was simple enough and I had all the kitchen supplies and ingredients that were needed. After mixing everything and baking as instructed, I set the table and proudly served the gorgeous meatloaf to my husband. (Can a meatloaf be gorgeous??)

Excitedly, I waited for my hubby’s reaction as he dug in. My excitement, however, was short lived for across the dinner table, there appeared the most awful grimace on my husband’s face.

“How much salt did you put in this?” He exclaimed while reaching desperately for his glass of tea.

I assured him that I used only what the recipe required but I quickly ran to the kitchen to double check. I scanned the list of ingredients. Yep, there it was – 1 1/2 teaspoons salt.

I looked over at the measuring spoon which was still sitting beside the sink. I picked it up to inspect. Oops!

I had added 1 1/2 TABLESPOONS of salt to the meatloaf.

That’s a whole lotta salt!

Needless to say, we couldn’t eat the meatloaf. I was devastated and I haven’t attempted to cook meatloaf again until…

“What’s for supper?” My husband asked over the phone.

“I don’t know.” (My usual response.) “What do you want?”

“What about meatloaf?” he suggested.

I searched Pinterest for a recipe but my search was taking too long. Suddenly, I remembered the cook book I used in my first attempt at meatloaf.  It was a cookbook passed on to me by my mom not long after I was married.


Yes, it is a children’s cook book! It’s full of all sorts of cooking basics for kiddos wanting to learn how to cook like mom or dad (or for a grown woman who didn’t pay much attention to anything going on in the kitchen while she was growing up!). It’s perfect for me, I suppose.


As I was cooking, my husband walked through the kitchen and noticed the cook book on the counter. Realizing it was a child’s book, he inquired about it and I explained who gave it to me and when. With a smirk on his face, he asked,

“And you’re just now using it?”


Snide remarks aside, my second attempt at meatloaf was a success. I used just the right amount of salt and everyone loved it. Well, except for my husband –

He didn’t get to eat!

Leftovers, anyone?  I have plenty! 😉

Want to try this classic Meatloaf recipe? Here you go:

(P.S. I left out the evaporated milk, dry mustard and green peppers. And I added ketchup on top.)


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