No Spotlight Required


Some people were meant for the light. They shine when its beams hit their faces. They come alive; they thrive. They make all those around them stand in awe. They command the world’s attention. They have the gaze of every eye when they enter a room.

Most of us, however, were only meant to look on, to revel at the glow and to dream of what it might be to stand in the light’s splendor. We constantly seek out the light. We do all that we can to get its attention, to somehow turn its gleam our way. We long for the glory the spotlight brings. We long to be seen, to be heard, to be found.

Yet, when we find the chance to step into the light, we’re often disappointed. We’re blinded by its brightness and left feeling vulnerable, less than perfect, less than desirable. For in the light, there is no room for mistakes. There is no room for insecurities or hesitations. In the light, everything is revealed, every flaw is seen and every mistake is magnified.

It is a lonely feeling to be left with the realization that we weren’t made for the spotlight, that we weren’t meant for all the attention the light can bring. But even more lonely is living out of the spotlight and never realizing that that is ok, never being happy with who we are or what we are made of, never discovering that our ability to shine comes from within.

You see, the spotlight is wonderful but its glimmer is fleeting. What truly matters is what happens outside that circle of light. That is where life happens. That is where decisions are made, relationships are formed, talents are honed, personalities are developed, stories are written and journeys are taken. Out of the spotlight, we have the freedom to be ourselves, to make mistakes, to love, to be sad, to cry, to say things we might regret, to make bad choices, to seek forgiveness for those choices, to take risks, to fall down, to get back up, to live.

I believe there will always be a longing for the spotlight. There will always be that question of what it may feel like to be the center of attention, to be the one who captivates the room. But once we realize that living out of the spotlight offers just as much fulfillment, if not more, then the prominence doesn’t seem so enticing. And as the acclaim of the spotlight fades, we are then able to see the light that shines within each one of us. We can see the spark that makes each of us truly unique.

Yes, some people were made for the spotlight, reflecting only the light that is cast upon them.

But we were all made to shine, lighting the world with our God-given individuality, talents, skills, character, heart and soul.

No spotlight required.


3 thoughts on “No Spotlight Required

  1. You make me think on those songs we teach our kids.
    “Turn your light on. Turn your light on.
    It’s important that you shine, shine, shine.
    Turn your light on. Turn your light on.
    It’s important that you shine, shine, shine.”
    “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.
    This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.
    This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.
    Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine”
    Beautiful post, Karen. Me and God love you!

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