When All Else Fails…Laugh

I’ve wasted so much of my adult life NOT laughing.

I’ve spent plenty of time crying, plenty of time worrying and plenty of time being angry.

I’ve spent countless hours wondering why I don’t fit in. I’ve spent day after day regretting past mistakes. I’ve spent most of my years pretending that I’m okay with the “lot” I have been given and secretly wishing it all away.

And now, here I sit, only a few short years away from half a century, spending most of my time wondering what my purpose in this world still might be and being so very tired from all this overthinking.

I’m ready for a change.

I’m ready to find all the smiles I keep telling you to find. I’m ready to get rid of all the stuff in my life that isn’t truly me. I’m ready to live unapologetically, without concern of the thoughts of others and without fear of repercussions.

I’m ready to sit around the fire pit or around the dinner table or on the back porch, wherever it may be, sharing stories with friends and family, joking with each other, making fun of each other, singing whatever old song is on the radio and laughing –

– laughing so hard tears stream down our cheeks and snot shoots out of our noses,

– laughing so hard we can’t breathe,

– laughing so hard the troubles of this world disappear, our cares melt away and all that matters are those moments… those moments of laughter which are never wasted.

I’m so very ready to laugh.

Aren’t you?


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