Less Than

You put yourself out there; you laid it all down

But your heart, defenseless, was left on the ground.

Now you’ve resigned to believe what’s untrue –

That you aren’t enough to have someone love you.

You’ve attempted and failed – the times you can’t count.

You’ve heard “no”, been rejected. Now you have doubts

That it’s even worth all the heartache and pain

To reach for a dream you will never attain.

You’ve accepted your fate; you’ve given up hope

But before you reach the end of your rope,

Let me offer this truth you must understand:

Never let anyone make you feel less than -

Less than enough to walk by their side,

Less than enough to bring joy to this life,

Less than enough to be loved and accepted,

Less than enough to feel warm and protected.

You are a force with which no one can reckon!

Your presence is purposed; so forget imperfections.

Don’t listen to insults and shade cast your way.

Haters speak loudest when they are afraid -

Afraid of what might shine a light on their flaws

And expose their dark secrets in closets of halls

That display their accolades, trophies and bling -

Meaningless trinkets, all temporary things.

Look. Life will make you feel lost and alone.

Betrayal and heartache will call your soul home

And those you hold dearest may all disappear

But you’ll be okay and this is why, my dear:

You are not less than; you are more than enough

To rebound, to stand, to fight back, to be tough,

To shake dust from your shoes and shine like a star -

You’re enough!

You are more than!

Yes, that’s what you are!

Reason to SMILE #19: MUSIC

When you're sad and feeling blue,
 When life just gets you down,
 Turn on a song to cheer you up
 And wipe away your frown.
 When you're glad and filled with joy,
 When laughter is your friend,
 Crank up the beat to find your groove
 Then dance and jump and spin.
 A song can feed your sorrows
 If that's what you desire.
 A song can spark your anger when
 The situation's dire.
 Or a song can give you strength
 If that is what you need.
 A song can boost athletic pride
 And spirit for your team.
 Music is so powerful
 It must be used with care
 For it can grow the seeds of love
 You never knew were there!
 The weary soul is lifted;
 The broken heart is soothed;
 The sinner's even brought to faith
 By hearing the right tunes.
 So, if you are discouraged
 And drowning in despair
 Pop in your fav'rite song and sing
 Like you don't give a care!!
 Thank God for MUSIC!

Just Me

Wondering why, wondering what if -
A trap craftily concealed -
Ensnares the unsuspecting.
To the weak and wounded it appeals.
Undetected by its captive,
The entanglement’s hold is fast.
Each doubt, each fear, each question
Only tightens its greedy grasp.
Struggling now, fighting for air,
The trap becomes apparent.
Is it too late to escape
The damaging thoughts inherent?
Silencing lies, silencing the fears -
The only way to break free -
Shedding all misconceptions
Until I’m left with only me.
The me who can learn from my failures
The me who can laugh at my fears
The me who can see the beauty
In my scars, in my pain, in my tears.
The me who must stop wondering why
Who must smile and simply move on
Holding tight to all I’ve learned,
Believing it will make me strong!

Reason to SMILE #335 – Christmas Edition: The CHRISTMAS TREE

I’ve always thought it strange to sing a ballad to a tree.
You know the one, don’t you, about the fir forever green?

We hear it playing in the stores while we’re Christmas shopping.
We hum along to its tune in movies that we’re watching.

As it’s sung, sweet voices raise with fervor and great passion
For the object of their joy and holiday affection.

Friends, families, strangers even, the tree they gather ’round
As hand-in-hand, they sway in sync to music’s mellow sound.

I see these scenes and wonder “Who on earth does this so?
It’s a tree, for heaven’s sake, not a sacred shrine — although…’

I do love my Christmas tree. It’s first to bedeck my halls.
I love to see the twinkling lights drape branches stretched so tall.

Its smell wafts through the air and prompts frequent inhalations
Made with eyes closed up tight – Oh, the mem’ries it emblazons!

Its beauty, natural and God-made, is cheerfully adorned
With ribbons, stars of gold and red, and strings of air-popped corn.

Oh, how could I have Christmas if I did not have my tree!
For more than decoration this fir tree is to me.

This evergreen reminds me of a life everlasting.
Hope springs from its branches and the shadows it is casting.

For one day, the One whose birth we joyously celebrate
Did give His life upon a tree for you and me to save.

The precious gift of Christmas gave His life for all the world
So we could live forever in the presence of the Lord.

Yes! I love my Christmas tree; to its sign of hope, I’ll cling.
I’ll praise God for its message and for all the SMILES it brings!


Just don’t expect me to hold hands in a circle around the thing and sing to it!

It seriously ain’t happenin’. 😉


Reason to SMILE #381

Crisp, cool air;
Warm, comfy sweaters;
Gently falling leaves -
What could be better?

Shorter days;
Long, chilly nights;
Soft, glowing candles -
It’s these things I like!

New tastes and smells;
Soups, pumpkins and spice;
New wardrobes to wear -
Now isn’t that nice.

Snuggling close;
Coffee and blankets;
Taking life slower -
It is what we make it.

Shifting times;
The autumn winds blow,
Nudging us softly -
“Relax and let go.”

Reason to SMILE #380

It’s raining; it’s pouring.

The winds, they are roaring.

Mustang Sally is out for a ride –

Her fun”, there’s no controlling!

I’m so thankful for umbrellas today as the effects of Hurricane Sally are beginning to be felt in our area.

And I’m praying for all those in the direct path of Sally to be sheltered under God’s great umbrella of protection!!

Reason to SMILE #238

Reason to SMILE #238 - We all need this every now and then. | https://acoupleofstarsandahappyface.wordpress.com

When waves are crashing all around,

When winds are whipping bold,

Lift up your eyes and you will see

A hand for you to hold.


When fear is knocking at your door,

When doubts have left you cold,

Take heart for there will always be

A hand for you to hold.


He’s always there to rescue you.

He’ll give you strength untold.

Just speak His name and you will find

A hand for you to hold.


Reason to SMILE #238 - We all need this every now and then. | https://acoupleofstarsandahappyface.wordpress.comThen Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!” Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him.”

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭14:29b-31‬a

When I Trust Him

When I Trust Him - If you’re ready for your life to change, you have to change where you place your trust. | https://acoupleofstarsandahappyface.wordpress.com

When I trust Him,

My steps become a little lighter;

My breathing becomes a bit easier;

My thinking becomes a bit clearer.


When I trust Him,

I can let go of my burdens;

I can find peace in the midst of my storms;

I can meet uncertainty with courage.


When I trust Him,

I learn to face my fears with boldness;

I learn to rely on His strength to sustain me;

I learn to believe in the impossible.


When I trust Him,

I don’t have to live in shame;

I don’t have to be bound by my failures and regrets;

I don’t have to be constrained by the expectations of others.


When I trust Him,

I begin to love myself;

I begin to see beauty in my weaknesses;

I begin to find acceptance and self-worth.


When I trust Him,

I know that I am never alone;

I know that I always have someone to depend on;

I know that I always have arms to run to for shelter, rest, comfort, encouragement.


When I trust Him,

My sins are forgiven;

My hope is restored;

My life is forever changed.


When I trust Him…


Yes, I trust Him…


Lord, give me strength to trust you…


I don’t want to be the same.