A Year of Smiles – Day 5


We have a large living room in the middle of our house.  In this room, there are two ceiling fans with light fixtures.  My younger son loves light. When he’s in the living room, the overhead lights are always on.  I, being a conscientious mom, would rather he use the table lamps to light the room so every time I walk through the living room, I flip off the overhead lights and turn on the lamps. “Aw, c’mon!” is his usual reply. Then, later, when I return to the living room, I find the overhead lights shining brightly again.  It’s a constant struggle.

The other night, my husband and I decided to have a little fun.  There are 3 light switches that control the overhead lights.  One switch is on one side of the room. The other two are on the other side beside two separate doorways on opposite ends of the room.  My husband quietly snuck through one doorway and flipped off the lights.  My son, making his usual objection, jumped up and ran to that light switch to turn on the lights again.  Just as he did, I quickly flipped off the lights from the other end of the room then ducked away so he couldn’t see me. My son was a bit baffled.  He was watching his dad and couldn’t understand how the lights were switched off.  He soon realized I was the culprit and he ran down to my switch to turn on the lights again.  Of course, as he flipped this switch, my husband then turned the lights off from his end of the room.  This went on and on.  My kid was so flustered as he ran back and forth between the light switches.  My husband and I truly enjoyed these brief moments of torturing our child. 😉  We both were doubled over with laughter.  Finally, my son remembered the third light switch and our silliness was over.  The joy, however, remained.

Need a bit of joy, today?  Go be silly with your kids.  No kids?  That’s okay.  Be silly, anyway.  A little silliness goes a long way and yields a whole lotta SMILES. 🙂