Christmas at the Office


Christmas at the Office |

It’s Christmastime, everyone! I hope you’re enjoying all the joys and magic this season has to offer, especially singing “Jingle Bells” in the middle of your work place for all to hear! It is the best way to spread Christmas cheer ¬†– according to Buddy the Elf, that is. ūüėČ

Even more, I pray that you are anxiously awaiting the upcoming celebration of our Savior’s birth. After all, He is the reason…

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A Year of Smiles – Day 341: The SMILES of Christmas

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Christmas SMILE #7 (Reason to SMILE #341): THE CAROLING

When was the last time you opened your front door to Christmas carolers? It doesn’t seem to happen as often as portrayed in all the Christmas movies, does it? I wonder why that is.

Maybe it’s too cold to go trudging through neighborhoods at Christmastime. Have you ever tried singing when your body is shivering and your teeth are chattering?

Maybe¬†no one¬†knows the words to Christmas carols anymore. Do you know¬†all the words or even the tunes¬†to “Joy to the World”, “Good Christian Men, Rejoice”,¬†“Hark! The Herald Angel Sings” or¬†“The First Noel”?

Maybe the reason we don’t go caroling anymore is simply because we’re too busy. There’s just too much shopping, cooking, wrapping, decorating and celebrating¬†to do.

Oh, but think of all the SMILES you could spread if you carved out a little time to go Christmas caroling. In the words¬†of the world’s leading authority on Christmas spirit, Buddy the Elf, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”¬†And you can’t argue with Buddy.

No excuses, folks! There’s even a day already set for you to take part in this wonderful Christmas tradition. It’s called “Go Caroling Day”¬†and this year, it’s December 20th.¬†(Yay!¬†I didn’t miss it like I missed World Smile Day and World Kindness Day.) So, grab some friends and make the most of this Christmas season. And don’t worry about the cold – that’s what hot chocolate and apple cider is for!

Alright. You have ten days. So, get brushed up on those Christmas carols and prepare yourself for all the SMILES.