Christmas at the Office


Christmas at the Office |

It’s Christmastime, everyone! I hope you’re enjoying all the joys and magic this season has to offer, especially singing “Jingle Bells” in the middle of your work place for all to hear! It is the best way to spread Christmas cheer ¬†– according to Buddy the Elf, that is. ūüėČ

Even more, I pray that you are anxiously awaiting the upcoming celebration of our Savior’s birth. After all, He is the reason…

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A Year of Smiles – Day 337: The SMILES of Christmas

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Christmas SMILE #3 (Reason to SMILE #337): THE PAGEANTS

One of the craziest times¬†of the¬†year in children’s ministry is Christmas. The kids are antsy, ready for a break from school. They’re on a constant sugar high as a result of all the school, family¬†and church parties.¬†And their excitement level is¬†through the roof as their days begin to fill with parades, breakfasts with Santa and all the festivities that lead up to¬†the¬†Big Day.

It’s a magical time of year. ūüėČ

In the midst of all that chaos is the annual¬†Christmas play. I¬†once thought making a trip to the mall at Christmastime was the best way to kill a person’s Christmas spirit. Well, I gotta tell ya.¬†Fighting the crowds at the mall¬†is a walk in the park compared to corralling a group of hyperactive kiddos and keeping their attention¬†long enough to learn at least one verse of a Christmas carol – just one, a short one.¬†Five minutes. It’s all I ask!

Though frustrations abound, there’s nothing like seeing the finished product. Practices may have been crazy. Dress rehearsal may have made you rethink your calling. But seeing that rambunctious group of children standing¬†proudly on stage,¬†singing so sweetly and bringing SMILES to everyone’s faces is worth every hair-pulling¬†moment of Christmas pageant practice.

The next time you enjoy a children’s Christmas program, don’t forget to¬†show your appreciation¬†for¬†the director and other volunteers who worked patiently with those kids. By the night of the performance, these¬†folks are tired and they could use a great, big dose of¬†encouragement. Give hugs. Give SMILES. And maybe give a gift card for a¬†day at the spa –¬†no kids allowed! ūüėČ