A Year of Smiles – Day 235

Reason to SMILE #235: COOKING DISASTERS (Might as well SMILE, right?)

I’m trying to hone my cooking skills. Normally, it takes me forever to prepare a meal. If the recipe calls for a preparation time of 30 minutes, it’s guaranteed to take me at least an hour – sometimes longer. 

The evening of the solar eclipse, I decided I’d try to cut down my cooking time by doing two things at once. Cooking rice on the stovetop was one of those things. Now, I must tell you that I’ve always done well with cooking rice. It was one of the first things my mother taught me to cook and I’ve always been able to get it just right until…

I think I’ll stick with preparing one item at a time! I was so upset with myself until I looked into the pot after throwing out the burnt rice and discovered…

… an eclipse!! It has the diamond ring and everything! 😉

My cooking disaster turned into a SMILE and I couldn’t help but share it with my Facebook friends:

Yeah. God’s display in the heavens was so much more impressive, wasn’t it? <giggle, giggle> 😁


A Year of Smiles – Day 12

Reason to SMILE #12: NO TRAFFIC

smiley-with-driving-wheelYou’re headed to work on your usual route.  You left your house a few minutes late so you’re praying for an uneventful commute. Then, you remember that one congested intersection or that stretch of road that is being widened or that annoying (wink, wink) school zone. Ugh!  You’re never going to make it on time.  But just as you are about to phone in your tardiness, you find yourself at the dreaded intersection and what d’ya know?  There’s not a single car in sight.  While breezing through the intersection, you suddenly realize that you are going to make it to work on time.  You feel the corners of your mouth turning up to form a great, big SMILE and you cannot help but shout a resounding “YESSSSSS!”

You see, there’s always a reason to SMILE – even when you’re running late! 😉


Image provided by symbols-n-emoticons.com