When All You Have is a Little Spark

When All You Have is a Little Spark - Feeling like you have nothing to offer this world? Take a look at the little firefly. | https://acoupleofstarsandahappyface.wordpress.com

It was getting dark. The road was winding and narrow. We had no idea if we were headed in the right direction but we were trusting that good ol’ Google Maps knew the way.

“Do you see ‘em?” my husband blurted.

All I was seeing was the little blue dot moving along the map on my phone and my husband’s outburst nearly made me jump out of the truck.

“See what?” I blurted back in aggravation.

“There are lightning bugs everywhere!” he explained while pointing across me to direct my view.

I looked up from the mesmerizing glow of the map and in the dusky shadows of the evening, I saw spark after spark lighting up the road sides, the sloping yards and the cascading trees. It was a beautiful sight –

– and a welcomed distraction from the anxiousness and frustrations of our long travels, from the arguments over whether google was sending us in the right direction and from the snide remarks of “Remember, it’s not the destination but the journey” coming from the teenagers in the back seat.

I put the map down (It was talking to us anyway!), sat back and enjoyed the fireflies’ sparkling display. Oh, how they do make me smile!

And as I watched the little fellows flicker along the winding road, I couldn’t help but be amazed at the difference their tiny lights made.

Though small and seemingly insignificant, their little sparks of light not only dispelled the lurking shadows of the evening but they also lifted my spirits and restored the excitement in our journey.

Pretty powerful little bugs, don’t you think? And the perfect reminders that even a small gift, a small talent, a small gesture can make the greatest difference in our lives and the lives of those around us.

Maybe you need this reminder.

Maybe you feel like you have nothing to offer this world. Maybe you’ve given so much that you feel you’ve got nothing left to give. Maybe the weight of your troubles – the darkness so to speak – has overwhelmed you and you feel like all you have left is a little spark.

If this is you today, you are not alone. I’m right there with you in this very moment. But…

I have to believe. No, I choose to believe that a little spark is enough.

A little spark can still make a difference. A little spark is all it takes to keep from being overtaken by the darkness. A little spark is evidence of a hope that still exists deep down in the soul. A little spark can ignite a blazing fire of renewed passion, overwhelming peace and new-found purpose.

Yes, a little spark is pretty powerful and it is definitely more than enough.

So, when you’re feeling at your lowest, like you are not enough, remember the firefly and what a difference a little spark can make!


A Year of Smiles – Day 92


This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine;stars-eyes-fb-sticker

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine;

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine;

Let it shine, Let it shine, Let it shine.¹

It was time to decorate for Vacation Bible School.  The theme was “Shine” – living a life that glorifies God, being the light of the world.  The stage had to radiate light so it was decorated with huge, sparkly letters spelling out the word “SHINE”.  Each letter was covered in gold foil and outlined in glitter to create the perfect medium for reflecting the spot lights when they hit the stage.  The set was simple when viewed with the house light burning brightly above but once darkness filled the room and the spots were pointed directly on the set, brilliant light glared in every corner of the sanctuary.

That is still my favorite VBS stage set.

Recently, I had the SHINE letters hung in our children’s hallway.  Each time I walk by them, I am reminded of the sparkling light that cut through the shadows of the sanctuary each night of our Vacation Bible School and it makes me SMILE.  What an effect we accomplished!  But what I am most mindful of as I walk past those glittery, gold letters is the fact that I am to be shining my light into the darkness of this world in which I live.

In Matthew 5:14, Jesus calls His followers the light of the world.  He explains that we are to live in such a way that when others see the light in us through our good deeds and service to those around us, they cannot help but recognize that light and give God the glory for it.  You see, each day, we have to be like the big, sparkly letters of that VBS set.  We have to clothe ourselves with gold foil and glitter – good deeds, service, willingness to deny ourselves, kind words, generosity, godly choices, forgiveness, love – so we can reflect the Light of our Savior for a darkened world to see.

Oh, Christian!  Is your light shining today?  If you’ve made the Light of the World first in your life, there’s no way you can hide it.  Your light will shine for all to see and God will be glorified and I know He will SMILE!


¹”This Little Light of Mine”

Image by symbols-n-emoticons.com