A Year of Smiles – Day 219

Reason to SMILE #219: A GOOD, SWIFT KICK 

… in the pants! 

Yep. There are times when it is completely necessary. Sometimes we get in a funk and can’t seem to find our way out. We begin wallowing in self-pity and despair over lost love, an unfavorable situation at work or a missed opportunity. The more we think of our unhappy circumstances, the more we whine and complain. And with each verse of our sob songs, we make ourselves and all those around us more and more miserable. Until… 

… someone decides to gives us a good, swift kick in the hiney or a smack on the back of the head. Sure. It may not always take a physical altercation to bring us out of our negativity and back to the land of abundant living but a kick sure does grab the attention! And when we’ve made it past a certain point in our little pity parties, it often takes something drastic to wake us up from our self-indulgent stupors.

Even more, it takes someone special to do the waking, kicking or rescuing. It takes someone willing to take us by the shoulders, look us in the eyes and tells us to get with it, to stop dwelling on our problems and start counting our blessings. It takes someone willing to risk a friendship or risk the backlash they may incur in order to help a friend find joy again.

We need lots of someones like that in our lives. We need to be those someones for others.

A good, swift kick in the pants most likely will not make us SMILE – at least not at first. But if it works, if it wakes us up from our stupor of negativity and self-pity, we’ll be grateful to the one who cared enough to do the kicking!


A Year of Smiles – Day 142


My heart was set on an “Everything” bagel with strawberry cream cheese and my taste buds were primed and ready.  I drove up to the drive thru speaker.

“How can I help you?” asked the voice on the other side of the speaker.

“Do you have any “Everything” bagels today?” I inquired.  It was lunch time and they may have run out at breakfast.

“One large sweet tea,” the voice responded.  “Is that all?”

“No, not tea.  I wanted to know what bagels you have.”

“OK. That was raspberry tea.”

“No.  I want a bagel.”

“Let’s try this one more time,” the voice finally said.  “If I can’t understand you this time, I’ll ask you to drive around to the window.”

“How ’bout I come on up to the window?” I suggested while thinking this drive-thru guy must somehow be related to Siri, my similarly comprehension-challenged iPhone assistant.  (Then, again, maybe I’m the problem… Surely Not! 😉 )

I pulled up to the window.  The employee and I had a decent conversation with SMILES and everything.  He apologized for not being able to hear me at the speaker.  I ordered the “Everything” bagel but unfortunately, they were out.  I settled for a whole grain bagel (probably better for me) with strawberry cream cheese (probably not good for me at all). I paid.  I received my order and I drove away.

When I returned to work, I opened the bag and pulled out my bagel.  I had already resigned myself to the fact that I was not going to be enjoying an “Everything” bagel for lunch but I was consoled by knowing the bagel I ordered was smothered in yummy strawberry cream cheese.  I opened the food wrapper to discover a plain bagel covered with plain cream cheese.  SIGH!  Apparently, I’m having communication problems!

I did not have time to return to the restaurant so my taste buds had to deal with disappointment.  The problem was the disappointment began to infected my attitude. For a while after lunch, nothing made me happy.  In fact, everything made me cranky. People aggravated me and simple tasks irritated me.  It was not a good afternoon.

I don’t know what it was that pulled me out of my awful mood. I think I just eventually realized how silly I was acting.  So I didn’t get the bagel I wanted.  I didn’t even get my second choice but I did get to eat.  That’s more than some people can say.  And if the only disappointment I experienced today was finding a plain bagel with plain cream cheese in my drive thru order, then I’m doing pretty good.  In fact, I am blessed.

We don’t always get the SMILES we want in life.  So when life serves you a plain bagel with plain cream cheese, remember to be thankful.  Thankfulness keeps your heart happy and a happy heart shows all over your face!


Image by symbols-n-emoticons.com