A Year of Smiles – Day 198

Reason to SMILE #198: RAINBOWS

A promise from God.  A reminder that His words are true and that He is faithful.


This rainbow appeared in my backyard during a particularly stormy time in my life.  I had been praying over a difficult situation which seemed to be spiraling out of my control.  As a late afternoon rain shower came to an end, I looked out of my kitchen window and found a beautiful reminder of God’s faithfulness, a personal promise that God has all things in His control.  I could let go and trust Him with my worries and fears.

I know the rainbow that appeared was a natural manifestation of sunlight being refracted through water droplets in the sky but I also know that God created that natural manifestation.  And He used it that day to bring a SMILE during a time when smiles were difficult for me to find.

… I never did find the pot of gold, though. It must have been at the other end! 😉