A Year of Smiles – Day 328

Reason to SMILE #328: SHOPPING


Not for me! There’s no way I’m going shopping on Black Friday! No bargain is that good. Spending the Friday after Thanksgiving cleaning, rearranging and pulling out the Christmas decorations – that’s what makes me SMILE.

Well, looky there! It’s beginning to feel like Christmas at the Smith household. Yeah. Sitting in the glow of the Christmas lights watching movies is a much more satisfying SMILE than shopping. ūüėČ


A Year of Smiles – Day 240 and 241

IMG_8489I’m a day behind on my SMILES so today I’m throwing two your way. They’re short and sweet and offer no meaningful reflection whatsoever. Are you ready?

Reason to SMILE #240: NEW CLOTHES

I’m attending a wedding this weekend. Oh, weddings! (I shared that SMILE with you on Day 174.)¬†Unfortunately, I don’t have the wardrobe for a wedding. So, what does that mean? New clothes! Yay! It’s nice to have something new to wear every now and then, isn’t it? It’s even nicer when the new clothes get the approval of the hubby. WooHoo! Now that makes me SMILE.

The only bad thing about new clothes is having to go shopping. Though I once loved it, I now see shopping as simply another chore. Ugh! But, have no fear. There can even be SMILES in dreaded shopping trips especially when I find…

Reason to SMILE #241: A BARGAIN!

And this trip did not disappoint. Not only did I find something appropriate for a wedding, I got a great deal. Can you say “clearance”? I walked out of the department store with two lovely blouses and one very cute dress for only $30. You better believe that made me SMILE!

New clothes and a bargain – simple little SMILES yet taken for granted by so many.

Thank you, Lord, for allowing me the luxury of buying new clothes when needed. And thank you for multiplying my little bit of funds into a great blessing!

Okay. Okay. I was wrong. There’s always something meaningful in every SMILE.

A Year of Smiles – Day 218


The evening service was over. I was looking forward to going home, propping my feet up and watching something on Netflix. It didn’t matter what. I only wished to vegge out for a while. Unfortunately, it wasn’t going to happen as soon as I had hoped. You see, I had to make a stop before I could enjoy those desired moments of rest. I had one more item on my son’s school supplies list that I needed to purchase and it had to be done before tomorrow. Ugh!

As I made my way to the church exit, I was walking and talking with the student minister’s wife. Right as we were joined by the student minister, my phone rang. It was my husband wondering when I’d be home. I explained that I needed to stop at the store to pick up composition notebooks and suddenly the student minister’s face lit up. He motioned for me to wait and then he ran into his office. I told my husband I’d call him back. I had to see what was happening.

A few moments later, the student minister returned with two new composition notebooks in his hand! WooHoo! I didn’t have to make a stop before going home after all! What a blessing! My day ended with a SMILE…

… Of course, I was actually already SMILING.  Earlier in the afternoon, my older son returned home from his summer internship. And just before the evening service began, he stopped by to give me a great, big hug!

I’d say I’ve had a pretty good day!

A Year of Smiles – Day 207



Summer is waning –¬†

Except for the heat.

And kids will soon be

At school in their seats.

Five days of freedom

Remain for a few.


But there’s so much to do!

There’s shopping for glue

And rulers and pens,

Pencils and paper –

Is that wide-ruled or thin?

There’s sports registration¬†

And after school care

There’s shopping for clothes –¬†

Do they need underwear?

There’s schedules to change¬†

And sleep to adjust;

There’s groceries to buy –

Those snacks are a must!

Oh, then there are shoes. 

I almost forgot.

For one little “swish”

Small fortunes are lost!

There’s so much to do

And so little time.

Oh, how did the days 

Of summer pass by?

While surveying lists

And mourning lost time,

Your kids in the house 

Are found running wild.

The TV is blaring;

Their rooms are a mess.

They’re fighting and nagging;

They’re being such pests.

You start to get up 

But halt in your tracks.

You look at the date,

Then SMILE and relax.

There’s only five days;

School soon will begin.

The house will be empty.

You’ll have peace once again! ūüėČ



A Year of Smiles – Day 156


There are two types of people in this world: those who drive into a parking lot and pull into the first available space they see and those who drive around the parking lot again and again until a front parking space becomes available.  I am the latter.  I firmly believe that in a list of things worth waiting on, a front parking space is definitely one of the top three.

No. 1: Waiting on God

No. 2: Waiting on your soul mate

No. 3: Waiting on a front parking place

Some may say that only someone who is lazy drives around and around the parking lot waiting on¬†a front space.¬† I say it takes¬†someone with a great amount of patience to wait while a shopper buckles¬†a baby in a car seat, loads up two other little children, unloads two shopping carts full of groceries, returns the carts to the corral and then spends at least five minutes fussing¬†with her children before actually¬†backing out of the parking space.¬† I don’t even honk the horn to hurry folks along! ūüėČ

Seriously, I do like to find front parking spaces and I consider it a blessing when I do.¬† In fact, I made a trip to the store over the weekend and I didn’t even have to drive around the lot at all.¬† I pulled right up to the first parking space and parked right beside myself.¬† Yes, you did read that correctly.¬† Check it out:


I was so joyous over such a good parking space, I was beside myself!  Hehe!

Oh, yes!  Even a front parking space can make me SMILE!

A Year of Smiles – Day 128

whatever-facebook-smileyReason to SMILE #128: GROCERY SHOPPING

Of all the chores on my “To Do” list, one of the last to be checked off is going to the grocery store. ¬†I don’t like doing it and I’ll put it off til the only things in our cabinets are stale chips and Pop-Tarts¬ģ that no one likes. ¬†My boys are constantly saying, “Mo-om, there’s nothing to eat.”¬† (Funny how¬†my name ¬†gains a¬†syllable when the whining starts.)

“Have some chips,” I say while opening the bag and popping a chip in my mouth. “These are still fre-”

Then spitting the chips out of my mouth as fast as I put them in, I concede, “OK. It’s time to get groceries.”

Because I live in a house with three males, the cabinets rarely stay full and though I try to make shopping trips less frequent, I end up visiting the grocery store once a week. ¬†Sometimes I’m lucky and I can delegate the task to someone else. ¬†Oh, how I love those times! ¬†Other times, I can convince my husband to go with me.¬† This can be a blessing or a curse depending on how hungry he is. ¬†There are other¬†times, though, when I don’t mind grocery shopping, at all.¬† These are the¬†times¬†my older son shops with me.

Grocery shopping seems less like a chore¬†when my older son tags along.¬† We get a chance to talk about topics that are on his mind.¬† We laugh about things that only he and I would find funny.¬† We even plan meals that¬†we’d like to try.¬† But mostly, I get to listen.¬† I get to find out what’s going on in that head of his.¬† I get to enjoy his enthusiasm for his passions in life.¬† I get to feed off of his excitement over new opportunities and experiences.¬† And I get to SMILE – even in the grocery store.


Image by symbols-n-emoticons.com

A Year of Smiles – Day 75


Imagine¬†peering across a department store and spotting the cutest top you’ve ever seen.¬† You must possess it so you make a bee-line for it.¬† When you reach the rack from which it is hanging, you realize that the first shirt on the rack is too large.¬† You¬†look for a smaller size but they all appear to be the same. Then you¬†check the¬†tags.¬† One Size Fits All.¬† Your heart is broken¬†because you must accept that your wardrobe will¬†never be¬†complete.

This is the story of my life.¬† “One¬†Size Fits All” does not fit me – ever.¬†¬†And in no way does this sizing method¬†make me smile.¬† Well… I take that back.¬† The hilarity of the whole concept actually does make me laugh. It’s ridiculous.¬† Who came up with this idea, anyway?

Despite my wardrobe woes, there is one thing that¬†I am grateful uses the “One Size Fits facebook-romantic-smiley-with-heart-eyesAll” sizing method.¬† That is the Love of God.¬† Yes!¬† No matter who you are, no matter your shape, your weight, your height (or lack thereof), your¬†sex, your color, God’s Love for you¬†is a perfect fit.¬†¬†You’ll¬†never find it too small.¬† His love stretches to the farthest corners of creation to find you.¬† You’ll never find it¬†binding.¬† His love frees¬†us from¬†the¬†chains of sin allowing us to¬†live life abundantly.¬† You’ll never find it too¬†baggy.¬† His love nestles you in¬†His strong arms¬†keeping you safe and secure in His care.

God’s love is¬†for you. God’s love is for me.¬† God’s love is for¬†everyone.¬† One Size Fits All.¬†¬†There’s no better reason to¬†SMILE!


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A Year of Smiles – Day 69

smiley-using-a-tablet-pc (2)Reason to SMILE #69: ONLINE SHOPPING

How did I ever live without online shopping?¬† I can find¬†almost anything I need by simply opening¬†an App on my phone.¬†From clothing to shoes to tools to cookware to computers to televisions to musical instruments to grocery items to pet supplies to car parts – everything is right at my fingertips.¬†¬†¬†But the¬†best thing about online shopping is¬†I don’t have to get dressed to shop.¬† Now there’s a reason to SMILE!

Of course, as with all shopping, shopping online requires¬†some degree of self-control. The ease and convenience of online shopping¬†can become a great temptation at times when spending¬†may need to be off limits.¬† And that, my¬†friends, is why you should never introduce¬†your husband¬†to Amazon! ūüėČ

Sigh.¬† There’s another package at the front¬†door.¬† Oh, look!¬† The box has a SMILE on it!!


Image by symbols-n-emoticons.com