Because We All Need It


Don’t let today pass you by.
Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.
Send a text, an email, a tweet, a shoutout on Facebook.
Give a hug, a fist bump or a pat on the back.
Say a kind word; give a compliment; share a laugh!
Or simply share a smile.
I say it over and over but it is often the smallest actions that make the biggest impact in our lives.
Who will you encourage TODAY?

Reason to SMILE #375

Reason to SMILE #375 - One of the greatest SMILES you can give to anyone. |

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m praying for you”?

What a comfort these four words can bring! When we’re at the moment of breaking, when we’re facing the toughest decisions of our lives or when we’re waiting on those dreaded test results, knowing someone is lifting us up in prayer is one of the most encouraging feelings. And it may be the only thing that keeps us from giving up.

So as the world continues to throw curve balls our way, I hope you are praying for those around you. I hope you are lifting up your friends, family and even strangers, asking for God’s grace, provision, mercy, protection, healing and comfort.

And I hope you are saying those four powerful words, “I’m praying for you,” to those who need to hear it most. Better yet, say, “I’m praying WITH you!” Because just knowing someone is concerned enough to pray can lighten the heaviest of loads and lead the way to a much needed SMILE.

How to Spread SMILES – not germs! Idea #4: Shop Local

How to Spread SMILES - not germs! Idea #4: Shop Local |

As you begin to venture out and brave the post-pandemic world (We’re getting there, I think!), don’t forget the little guy – the mom and pop shops, the corner deli, the farmers’ markets, the family-owned restaurants, the barber shops, the local service stations, and all the other small businesses that have laid the foundations of our communities. The owners of these establishments are fighting for their livelihoods, grasping tightly to their dreams and struggling just to survive.

They need our help.

Individually, we may not be able to do much but together, your little bit and my little bit can add up to a whole lot!

Shop local! And Spread SMILES-not germs! 😉

A Year of Smiles – Day 151

Reason to SMILE #151: PRAYER

How often do you pray?  I find myself praying all the time.praying-hands-emoticon

“Lord, help me make it through this day.”

“Lord, please keep so-and-so safe.”

“Heal so-and-so quickly, Lord.”

“Thank you for all your blessings, Lord.”

“Ok, Lord, give me strength ’cause these kids are killin’ me!” 😉

The day to day conversations with God come pretty easy.  It’s like chatting with a friend or co-worker.  There’s merit to those little prayer snippets but I’m not sure this is truly what prayer is meant to be.

When was the last time you actually got down on your knees and spent hours in prayer with the Heavenly Father praising him for His blessings, casting your burdens at His feet, asking forgiveness for your transgressions and listening for His still, small voice to speak to your soul?  Now that doesn’t come so easy – at least not for me.  Often, I set out to spend time with God but weariness or busyness interrupts.   Oh, how it must make God feel when I can’t even make time to sit and talk with Him.

Right about now, you’re probably thinking that this doesn’t sound much like a SMILE.  Maybe not yet but hang on, folks.  I’m getting there.

I may not be the prayer warrior that I should be (God’s still working on me!) but I know without a doubt that there are mighty prayer warriors out there praying for me.  How do I know?  Because there’s no way I could have made it through some of the things I’ve been through without the prayers of loving friends and family.  And when I have a need, those prayer warriors – my mom, my dad, my pastor, my best friend, my church family – are there to pray me through whatever I am facing.  Now, to me, that’s worth a hundred SMILES and so much more!


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