Happiness in Uncertainty


“I know one thing for sure,” my husband declared as he walked through our bedroom door with a tall glass of sweet tea in his hand. The statement came out of nowhere but was made as if the two of us had finished a long debate on some deep subject about which neither of us were able to come to any conclusion and the only way to end such a debate was to state a matter of certainty. It’s highly possible, though, that my husband had debated the matter all in his head prior to entering our room and felt the need to sum it up for me with his enlightened statement of truth.

No matter, I was curious and eagerly inquired of his certainty. “What’s that?” I asked.

He paused for a brief moment at the foot of our bed as if searching for the perfect words to express his great truth. Finally he replied, “Give me a minute. I’m trying to remember what I was going to tell you.” Then he lifted his glass and took a long drink of sweet tea as I laughed at his forgetfulness.

And I did laugh – not because I was mocking him (well, maybe just a little – okay! A lot!) but because that brief conversation with my husband pretty much sums up my life. When I think I have it all figured out, life always takes a surprising turn and everything I thought I knew for certain gets thrown out the window. I find myself stumped and perplexed around every bend and when called upon to take action or make a decision or simply respond, I hear myself saying, “Uhm. Give me a minute.”

Ah, but maybe that’s the certainty: Life is uncertain. And maybe that’s what makes life worth living. If I had all the answers, if I knew every situation I would face, what kind of life would that be? Sure, if I knew what problems await me tomorrow, I could take steps to avoid them. But what if by avoiding a problem, I miss a valuable lesson that could help me in the future or make me a better me? And wouldn’t knowing all the good that was coming my way take some of the joy out of the blessing?

I don’t know.

I do know that in my moments of uncertainty, I can always look to the One who knows it all. He holds my every moment in His hands and He is working them all for my good. That doesn’t mean I won’t face any problems or that I won’t have those times when all I want to do is run and hide because I don’t have any answers and can’t seem to figure anything out. But it does mean that I don’t have to face any of my moments of uncertainty alone.

Yes, yes, life is uncertain. But there is one thing I know for sure…

You’ll have to give me a minute, though. I’m trying to remember what it is. 😉


A Year of Smiles – Day 311

Reason to SMILE #311: THE VIEW

This is my view in the mirror in the restroom at work:


This is my view in the mirror in the restroom at the local putt-putt center:


Being short has it’s disadvantages – especially when I’m trying to see ALL of me in a mirror made for tall people! It’s tough to powder my nose, check my teeth for food or make sure my clothes are as they should be when all I can see is the top of my head. You should see me stretching on my tippy-toes to make myself tall enough to see my entire face or climbing up on top of the bathroom cabinets or fixtures to get a better view of all of me. It’s pretty hilarious!


Most days, though, I simply settle for the limited view in my itty, bitty makeup mirror.

Nose too shiny? Nope. Teeth okay? Yep. Wait. What happened to my other earring? One piece of me at a time is all I can see so the best I can do is get each feature just right and trust that in doing so, the whole of me will be fine.

Reminds me a little bit of our view of life. We don’t always get the entire picture. We  have to settle for a small piece at a time – the view that’s lying directly before us. This limited view makes it difficult to feel at ease sometimes. We stress because we want to see the whole layout, what’s happening next, how the situations of today are going to be resolved and what the end result of our life will be.

That’s not how life works, though, is it? We have to learn to be okay with one snippet at a time. And we can find peace in knowing that God can see it all. The Alpha and Omega has the best vantage point ever! When we leave the big picture of life to God, we’re free to focus on what’s lying directly in front of us for it’s our current situations that are preparing us for what lies ahead.

One day all of the snippets and scenes of life will be pieced together for us to see. And if we’ve done our best to live out each moment in the way that is pleasing to God, the big picture will not only make us SMILE but our Heavenly Father will be SMILING as well.