A Year of Smiles – Day 189


Some things are surrounded by controversy and marked with shame and regret. Some things cause extreme marital strife and play a key role in the decay of such a sacred vow. Some things, like trying to agree on which shade of gray paint will look best on the bathroom walls, are the greatest threat to our marriages today!!

Seriously, how does any couple agree on one color when there are so many from which to choose?  There’s Dorian Gray, Steely Gray, Metropolitan Gray, Online Gray (What does that even mean?), Useful Gray, Skyline Gray, Chelsea Gray, Gray Owl, Elephant’s Breath (Ha!), Iron Mountain, Horizon Gray and Agreeable Gray.  Now that’s the one we should have chosen. Agreeable Gray. Maybe we’d still be talking right now if we had!

I’m only joking. It didn’t go that far but I have to admit that it’s an overwhelming decision for me. I don’t need that many options. (You should see me trying to pick a menu item at a restaurant!) I need my husband’s input to help me narrow down the choices. He’s a cut and dry kind of guy.  Where I might think of all the subtleties of a color and how each hue might bring out the tones in the floor or countertop, he simply chooses a color based on whether he likes it or not:

“Ooh, this shade will bring out the little vein of gray running through the floor tile.  See?” I say to my hubby.

“No,” he quickly responds.

“What about this one?  It will go really well with the countertop. Don’t you think?”

“No. I like this one and that one,” he points to two paint samples from the six or seven in my hand.

And that’s that.

Yep. That’s why I need him. It’s this or that, yes or no, black or white. No shades of gray or anything in between with him. Though completely opposite from my own process and often frustrating to me, I value his cut and dry decision making. It brings balance and clarity to my decision making and ultimately helps me find a SMILE. (Yes, I said “ultimately.” Sometimes it takes me a while to realize the importance of his contribution! 😉 )